DIY Cake Turn Table

I always wanted a cake turn table.
I found out how to make my own.
I found it inside my microwave, by accident.
Even better, it spins! :) You can even use the plate just as a cake board/stand.
Here's how to do it:

DIY Cake Turn TableWhat you need
  • Microwave plate (can be old or new, it can even be the one you currently use)
  • Microwave spinner (The thing under the plate)
  1. Take it out of the microwave; it should come out easily, no tugging or pulling needed.
  2. Place it on the table so it places evenly. If it has a little spout like mines does, put it over something like a vase or bowl (or something with a hole in the middle.). Make sure it is a perfect circle, otherwise it probably won't be even.
  3. Plop your cakes on and decorate.
  4. When your done, use a spatula to lift the cake up and put it on your cake board.
  5. When your done using it, clean it and DRY IT COMPLETELY, then put it back in the microwave.

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