Cinnamon Swirl Bread

simple white bread adorned with a classic cinnamon-sugar swirl


Baby Shower Ideas [cupcakes and cookies]

A couple weeks ago, I was assigned the task to make fifty cupcakes for a baby shower on June second. For a bakery, that isn't much of a dangerous task, but in my kitchen, it was. I spent much more money on it than I should have, but the outcome was definitely worth it. 


Vanilla Meringues

I ran out of flour, so I've resorted to using egg whites, peanut butter, oatmeal, etc. to make up for it. Hopefully I'll buy some flour tomorrow, but in the meantime I made some meringues!

Half of the batter was in mini-muffin cups with parchment paper liners, while I also made "abstract" lumps of meringue on a lined cookie sheet. I made both of these with a #40 cookie scoop. While the latter were much more hideous, they tasted the same and took the same time for baking.

They are crispy, but melt in your mouth - it's an amazing experience, if only they weren't so sweet.