Vanilla Butter cream frosting

Vanilla butter cream frosting is delicious.
It's even better when you add oreo crumbs.
This recipe is simple, using only four ingredients, five if you want the oreo crumbs.

Here are the simple steps to frosting that is as fluffy as whipped cream.

  1. Have your butter ridiculously soft. I like to soften mines in the microwave for fourteen seconds when it comes to frosting. It will be really soft and when beat, it will have a glossy look to it.
  2. Make sure to beat the butter for at least three minutes on high.
  3. Beat each addition of powdered sugar and milk for the amount of time it takes to measure the next addition. Beat from low to high.
  4. When you are satisfied with the amount and consistency of frosting, beat the frosting for an additional five minutes to ensure a fully whipped frosting.
  5. Remember, you can never over beat frosting. (Unless it's whipped cream)
This recipe with a devil's food cupcake is a treat I'd like to die with.
Have fun making this simple recipe!
Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting
Frosts 24 cupcakes

2/3 cup softened butter
1/2 tsp vanilla
4 cups powdered sugar
2 tbsp milk

Beat softened butter in an electric mixer for two minutes, until light and fluffy.
Add vanilla and beat until fully combined.
Add the powdered sugar and milk in 1 cup and 1/2 tbsp additions, making sure the frosting is being fully combined each time.
When you have added all the ingredients, try the frosting and add more or less sugar or milk to your choice. Powdered sugar makes it thicker, and milk makes it thinner.
Whip your final frosting for five minutes on high, to make it as fluffy as possible.
To add a special treat, crush 1/4 cup of Oreos into crumbs. Fold it into the frosting and serve as desired.

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  1. urgh this looks amazing! i wish i could bake!!!1!!11!
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